Intentional Distractions:

Today I woke up and as I was lying there in bed, not quite ready to get up, in fact determined not to get up, I thought about all the different kind of blog postings I could write. What was I thinking when I decided that I would write a mini blog about the process of doing a kickstarter campaign?

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So much to know about Twitter

This is seriously becoming #anaddiction, and I am learning to hashtag all the important words, such as I really wanted to know if my #trainingwheels  were ready to come off. And then I realised that they weren't. Oh well. Such is life. Carrying on. I checked out twitter at around 5.15pm tonight and finally now it is 6.35pm and I think I might just stop.

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Getting serious about Kickstarter

Today we had a long production meeting to talk about the State of the Nation, where we are all at individually in our preparations for the Kickstarter campaign. We are just under 4 weeks to go.

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Today has been learning all about Twitter:

So Twitter and I have had a fast acquaintance which has now become a sharp learning curve. We are learning to use all the social media platforms to raise awareness and create engagement about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. 

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Loving in Limbo, the film

This year has been a pretty big year in the life of Susan Parker. Not only have I started producing, I have also thrown myself into the deep end of directing. It has always been a little secret part of myself that I have never really talked much about. This year, the opportunity has arisen to take over the directing reigns of a documentary project that I have been involved with for the last year, and I am running with it. 

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