Prepping the letters:

I have been writing and rewriting my letters that are to send to everyone to ask them to view the campaign and back it. I remember last time being very cautious about what I wrote. You go through a huge emotional journey when you are unused to asking for help, such as I am. And then to make it worse, you are asking people to give you money. This is never easy, and it has taken me a long time to get to the stage where I am more comfortable asking people for help.

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Developing the email database:

For the last couple of months we have been sending out update emails to people who are on my data base. I have had the euphoric moment of seeing how well the email rated – higher than usual open rate, reasonable click through rate and fairly low unsubscribe rate. What do I do though, instead of being excited about the good progress I went into a mini 2 hour depression about the 2 of the 7 people who unsubscribed from my mailing list. Don’t they like me anymore? Don’t they like my project?

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Filming the Kickstarter Video:

I have a new found admiration for people who are presenters! It’s hard, in fact, it’s really hard. Yes, that was great, but can you do it again and this time with a bit more emotion?

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The joys of Facebook:

I watch Facebook like a hawk – trying to figure out if what we posted yesterday is resonating with our followers. Is what we posted something that they will love and share or has it just flopped. I have examined the statistics of what seems to be working well with our followers and so write accordingly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I have great enthusiasm and the posting is received well, other times not so, and guess what, the result follows suit.

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Having a paid gig as well as launching Kickstarter:

What was I thinking?  Seriously, how on earth did I think I was going to manage this? Well I had a plan, and of course that didn’t happen. I agreed to line produce a big documentary on a part time basis which would keep me in rent money. I planned the kickstarter launch date to happen after the big overseas shoot of the day job doco, but then of course, that one changed its schedule. Now, we launch on exactly the same day as the other job flies overseas. Hmmm, two very stressful situations colliding to make a perfect storm.

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