A Kickstarter campaign is a total mental game and having the emotional strength to just keep going. A few nights ago I had a total meltdown. The stress of it all was getting to me. The day job had notched itself up into full gear. I had already been planning that the day job having a crew travel to America on the same day as launching the Kickstarter was going to create a perfect storm. And it did. Tears abounded, I was highly frustrated  and throwing all my toys out of the cot.

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Kickstarter Coaches:

I need to do a big thank you to Kat Jenkins of I discovered Kat half way through the last campaign and when we decided to relaunch I was definitely doing this with Kat on board. Last time there was a lot of stuff I didn’t know that I didn’t know. This time around I know I don’t know stuff. Kat does know stuff though.

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Using Mailchimp:

I have discovered that not only can Mailchimp send out the same email to the entire data base, it can also send out individual emails to the entire data base. So now that we have our base letter one of our PA’s will put them into mailchimp and I will go and personalise every single one. The reason for doing it this way is that I would like all the letters to go out as soon as we have our Kickstarter link and mailchimp can do this. Otherwise it would take me a couple of days to send out everyone’s email. Made that mistake last time!

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Preparing the Press Kit:

Okay, so this was all part of the intentional distractions and delaying tactics. I really was not comfortable writing this so instead of researching and started I delayed until the time had to come and now I am doing it. Never having written one of these before I turned to the internet – the font of all knowledge – and am now slowly teaching myself on how to write a press release.

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Creating the Kickstarter video:

So we have finished the trailer and now we are making the Kickstarter video itself. The one where I have to talk to camera – eek.  Lots of discussions backwards and forwards about the subtle nuances of whether that word works better there, or over there. And what footage can we use, and where the hell was it again. Starting to panic about whether it will be ready in time. Are we ready? This is an even bigger question. Not sure, hope like hell we are!!!

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