Stars Aligning

So, pre launch date I thought the stars were all aligning! We had 347 previous backers from last time who pledged their intention to the value of $24,000. We had been sending out mailchimp newsletters and I was getting great feedback direct to my email, the facebook page was engaged, the twitter numbers were growing, we and had a fabulous campaign, and we were set! Or so I thought!

The previous backers have stayed away in droves! I had sent them plenty of notifications that last time their money was NOT taken, and that I really needed them to come back on board, PLUS please do it quickly so that we can be fully funded fast. That way all the publicity from this would help generate a bigger buzz. But no. It appears they did not read their emails, did not understand that they only pledged an INTENTION to back not an actual backing. So most of them think they already backed and why should they do it again - so of course, my girlie emotions are taking me to the place that thinks they all believe I am being greedy and asking for 2 lots of funding. 

The facebook engagement could barely keep an ant going - lots of people liking postings but not names I recognise through the new backer listings. Twitter people are interested but not converting. So with all this work over the last 6 months, going through one campaign, regrouping, starting again, it is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude about it all. I don't understand why it is not working. Last time we even got Staff Picked within 2 days and this time, nada, zip, nothing.

So, now I am experiencing that "mid way through the campaign" slump. I didn't have that last time as I was dealing with other people in our campaign having that emotion so didn't have time to experience it myself. But since this campaign is me, with a few paid interns, I am carrying the emotional can so to speak. And I am in a slump like I have never experienced before. I wake up and the first thing I think about is this kickstarter campaign. And the second thing, is what message is the universe trying to tell me, why is it so difficult?

One positive side effect though - since we have not been busy processing the huge response to the campaign, we have had chance to talk more about the project itself and clarify where I want the film to go, what it's themes are. I think we will have a great project on our hands. I really do think people will love it, I just wish they would love it now.

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