So much to know about Twitter

This is seriously becoming #anaddiction, and I am learning to hashtag all the important words, such as I really wanted to know if my #trainingwheels  were ready to come off. And then I realised that they weren't. Oh well. Such is life. Carrying on. I checked out twitter at around 5.15pm tonight and finally now it is 6.35pm and I think I might just stop. I am finding it is a great way to catch up with friends who I never thought I would see ever again, making new friends and also love the fact that people are responding to my sometimes meandering thoughts, that other people find them interesting as well! It is actually so much fun. And this is coming from someone who called herself a luddite only a year or so ago.

So it would seem that I really am beginning to rate Twitter. I think I have found my social media platform of choice. Sorry Facebook, your 16% algorithm that only sends my messages to 16% of my friends is just not a good look anymore! Twitter sphere here I come!



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