Prepping the letters:

I have been writing and rewriting my letters that are to send to everyone to ask them to view the campaign and back it. I remember last time being very cautious about what I wrote. You go through a huge emotional journey when you are unused to asking for help, such as I am. And then to make it worse, you are asking people to give you money. This is never easy, and it has taken me a long time to get to the stage where I am more comfortable asking people for help.

This journey has pushed a lot of my personal development buttons and now I can say that I am okay with asking people to like my campaign, like it enough to make a financial contribution, and then like it some more to share with their friends.

So here I am, having gone through this journey once before, and about to embark on it again. The letters have been written, examined, sometimes under a microscope, sent off for third party consideration and hopefully they work. Now I just have to write them all. So this weekend I start writing the letters and personalising each one!


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