The Mental Game:

So, yep this is a mental game. We were supposed to launch on Tuesday and if on Monday I had had two hours out at non Kickstarter or day job meetings I would have been very stressed. So we are launching tomorrow and today I was unavailable for 2 hours on non work activities. Don't feel the same stress at all. Laptop is in its death throes. Have to rewrite all the opening paragraphs on my emails as the references don't make sense now that we are launching after Guy Fawkes day instead of before. And a week ago I would have been a wreck. 

This week I have worked on my mental game. Lots of good coaching from friends who are coaches as well as Kat my Kickstarter coach. I seem to have kickstarted my enthusiasm back into gear and the stress seems to have melted away. Having that healing session - yes, I am a true woo woo person - has also done a marvellous job. So poised and ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow will come, it is just another day. Yes, an incredibly important one, but I do need to put it into perspective and let the flow happen. So, mental game on track - check, emotions happy - check, flow happening - check, ready to launch - check!

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