A Kickstarter campaign is a total mental game and having the emotional strength to just keep going. A few nights ago I had a total meltdown. The stress of it all was getting to me. The day job had notched itself up into full gear. I had already been planning that the day job having a crew travel to America on the same day as launching the Kickstarter was going to create a perfect storm. And it did. Tears abounded, I was highly frustrated  and throwing all my toys out of the cot.

I had been stubbornly refusing to shift the launch date of the campaign because everything had been geared towards it, and why should I shift it cos a day job was getting way too busy. So in the end I had to let that go and realise that my sticking to my stubborness all I was going to end up doing was sabotaging everything. So launch date has been delayed. Hopefully this Friday. Which leaves tomorrow to finish the video, finish the infographic and do the final prep, that is if the day job doesn't ramp back up.

Now all I need to do is find that emotional strength, and regroup the mental game, and we are set!

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