The joys of Facebook:

I watch Facebook like a hawk – trying to figure out if what we posted yesterday is resonating with our followers. Is what we posted something that they will love and share or has it just flopped. I have examined the statistics of what seems to be working well with our followers and so write accordingly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I have great enthusiasm and the posting is received well, other times not so, and guess what, the result follows suit.

Facebook is such a weird social media platform. We are told that we need it, yet I know it is not reaching our people. Their algorithm means that Facebook is no longer the place to be, which is unfortunate, cos I do so love to see what everyone is doing. I am fooled into thinking I am seeing everyone yet my brain tells me I am only seeing 16%.

So facebook is relegated to one posting per day and I spend a bit of time trying to make it more exciting. People respond to hearing about the Film and the Kickstarter campaign, they respond to hearing about Mandy and Hap, and funnily enough, they like my dog. So Max is getting a mention now and again.

Even now I have broken my own preset protocol with Facebook. We are 11 days and counting to the Kickstarter launch and I have been telling the Hap and Mandy travels in sound bites and today I decided that since it was such a nice day I was going to talk about that instead. The vagaries of the human mind, the ability to change it at any time!

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