Hmmmm.. lots of angsting later!

okay, so probably 10 days since I wrote that last blog and a lot of tears have been shed. A lot of angsting gone on. And a lot of personal growth. Why can't that happen when you are having a good time instead of personal growth coming when you are having a shit time. Oh well, such is life.
So it appears that not only did people think they had paid already, a lot of them thought that their pledge from last time is going to transfer over to this new campaign. My comment here is, seriously, read the emails I send out! (Okay, I have told myself to stop getting all angsty about it.) I have written numerous updates telling people all of this and it still still the big no show. I am at a total loss to understand this.
Last campaign we had 365 backers (not 347), and we raised $24,040 so an average of $65 a person. At this stage we are sitting on 190 backers, $17,369, which means an average of $91 a person. Yay! So this time around, we are actually doing really well, and I need to remember that. double yay!! I have sent out press releases this week and have been getting some very favourable reactions from the media. triple yay!!!
I had an interview with a big paper yesterday who are planning an article on us to be released the day before our campaign ends - and she loved the story!!! Yay, the story!! So it is very strange that the media loves us, people are generally interested in the story and we ARE GOING TO FUND and the old backers are MIA. So all I can say to the previous backers who haven't shown up again, you won't get to be part of the experience, you will miss out and we will miss you. Which is a shame really, cos this is going to be GREAT.
And we love our new backers, all 37% of you. You are all rock Stars in your own right. We are so pleased you came on board.
It will be nice when we fund. I am fingers crossing for a good old burst in the last week - we are steadily growing now. We are at 70% funded and we still have 12 days to go. Wouldn't it be nice if we hit 100% with a week still to go!! That way we could trend to a higher figure. Come on universe, send me some backers!! please.
PS. Just had to use the title somewhere as I loved that comment in the commercial, and have been dying to use it somewhere!

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