Getting serious about Kickstarter

Today we had a long production meeting to talk about the State of the Nation, where we are all at individually in our preparations for the Kickstarter campaign. We are just under 4 weeks to go.

Everything is on target. Thomas is still designing logos and icons – and we came up with a great idea on how to use them in our Kickstarter video. Alex is rapidly becoming an expert on Tumblr and now he just has to conquer Pinterest. I have started looking for additional Production Assistants to come and work with us on our campaign. Putting feelers out there and getting some good responses.

So, today we talked about the video as well. I had written a script and this has been sent round for feedback through a variety of people. I have had the full cross section of reactions and it has been an interesting journey for me responding to the reactions, especially those who don't agree. For the first time in my life, I have the conviction of my beliefs and what we are going to achieve with this film so I am able to take people's criticism,  look at it clearly and decide whether or not to agree or not. It shows me that I do have the ability to cross over into directing, finally! I am really excited about this process!!

Anyway, I was talking about our video – so we decided what kind of footage we need to capture – me and my stuff. And since my motivation to do this film is that I was jilted terribly a long time ago and this story of Hap and Mandy has made me believe in love again, we now need to film stuff to back this up. And, since I am single, there was lots of joking about whether or not we would be creating a video for a dating website! Not a hint, by the way. So Thomas, Alex and I went and filmed me and Max in the park underneath a series of beautiful cherry blossom trees, in full blossom. Glorious. 

Next week will be working on the video!

Off to spend the weekend looking at more footage of Hap and Mandy to include in this video! Thankfully I love my work so am enjoying looking at it all and refining the story of the film.

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