Filming the Kickstarter Video:

I have a new found admiration for people who are presenters! It’s hard, in fact, it’s really hard. Yes, that was great, but can you do it again and this time with a bit more emotion?

How on earth actors do it as well is completely beyond me. I should know, but my mind can’t go to that place that actors go to in order to perform. I watch them, knowing that I have trouble recalling lines, thinking they have to remember to dry that plate as well! So after having to deliver some lines to camera, forever thankful that I did that presenters course – thanks Paulus – at least I felt that I wasn’t too terrible at it. I am soooo much better at being interviewed or conducting interviews – I can seriously hold court in front of camera if I am allowed free reign, but repeating set lines – definitely not my strong suit.

Ryan, who directed this for me, was complimentary towards the end and has a rough cut created of my bits already. Now Alex and I just need to fill in the background cutaways and tie it all together. Stand by.

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