Last night Mandy and I stayed with kiwi friends Tom and Lauren who are teaching English in Korea.  We visited Lauren at her English school that brought back a lot of memories for me, being surrounded by cute smiling little kiddies, but I was also glad that I didn’t have to teach them.


After work we went to possibly the most weirdest bar I have been too.  Well it had the weirdest concept for a bar, as I think the club I went to in Colombia would take the cake for weirdest, ieit had naked dancing people, dogs walking around, a naked room in which you could only enter if your naked, geese quakcing around, yeah that was crazy.  OK, I’m rambling.


The bar we went to last night was called Danka Bar. In the bar there is a  fish pond with seats around the perimeter of it. You sit with your feet dangling in the water and fish come up and feast on your dead skin!  It’s quite a funny sensation at first having fish nibbling away at your feet, especially when your a little ticklish and jumpy like myself.  Yes all rather “fishy”, but a unique experience, sitting having a beers with your mates and getting a fish pedicure.


After that we battled it out in a mini street game olympics involving baseball (your in a cage and a baseball machine launches balls at you that you hit and score points from), shooting  and  soccer which involves you kicking a soccer ball as hard as possible and see what score you get, great fun!  Ok, enough blogging, off to the airport, Thailand, here we come.



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