facebook versus previous backers:

Might I say that Facebook has been a real pain in the butt!. Trap for young players, don't have a lot of words on your project profile. We had the title, a subtitle and then a documentary feature film. But Facebook in its infinite wisdom deems this has having too many words to be considered an advert. And since Facebook's algorithim means you have to advertise it creates a major Catch 22. Okay, so lets spend copious amounts of time redesigning our project profile to work around this. And then deal with the fact that Facebook has already decided that the first profile is the one it is always going to use not the revised one. So anytime I share the project on Facebook it reverts to the old profile. Anyone else can get the new profile picture. But I am the one wanting to do the advertising. Facebook is not user friendly! Twitter is much better!

In my last posting I referred to the fact that I thought the previous backers believed they have already paid and handed over their money. So considering I have 347 backers from that campaign, and we are sitting on 102 now there is obviously some disconnect. We have had about a 50:50 backing rate between old and new. So another trap for young players, instead of being soft and pussy foot around the issue, tell them, tell them, and then tell them again. Last time you only showed an intention to pledge once the campaign was funded, if you do not fund then that intention is not taken up and converted. You have not given away any money!!! So, need to send a reminder email.

Here's hoping the weather is bad this weekend and that lots of people are hanging around on their computers. We are 6 days in and 40% funded. So for a first time campaign this is fabulous, for a redo, it's a little bit disappointing. But I have had a cry, a massage, a visit to the osteopath, lots of chats with people to find out what they think (without trying to appear like I really want them to pledge NOW), seen the woowoo lady and feeling much better.

Next week is all about getting the Press Releases out there. Press is not interested in the fact that you are doing a Kickstarter, they want to know that you are hugely successful and/or you have something really interesting. So we are refining our press release information to try and hit both objectives. Am on nephew sitting duties this weekend, so won't get a lot done on the campaign! But happy weekend everyone

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