Developing the email database:

For the last couple of months we have been sending out update emails to people who are on my data base. I have had the euphoric moment of seeing how well the email rated – higher than usual open rate, reasonable click through rate and fairly low unsubscribe rate. What do I do though, instead of being excited about the good progress I went into a mini 2 hour depression about the 2 of the 7 people who unsubscribed from my mailing list. Don’t they like me anymore? Don’t they like my project? All the way through to, I have really annoyed them and they don’t want to ever hear from me again. This kickstarter campaign hasn’t really even started yet and already I am struggling with my fear of being rejected.

I am pleased to report back that the 2nd emailer round had a fewer unsubscribe rate and I was able to give this notification a passing glance, observing a slight “oh, okay”. So yay, for me, it means that I am starting to conquer this fear of rejection. People unsubscribe for all kinds of reasons and generally none of them are any of the reasons that I was going towards. So I am learning to take this in my stride, realising that this is going to be inevitable and will just have to carry on.


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