The dreadlocks have gone!

I received this email today from the recruitment company I have been dealing with for the job I’m waiting for,

Would you be able to send me your current picture? Our client has certain requirements with regards to hairstyle and I want to make sure yours is acceptable for the vessel’s management.

Boom, I read that, shut the computer down, straight to the hair dressers which was ironically called “new looks”. I walk in and get confused looks, like “mate you’re a hippy, hippy’s don’t get haircuts, haven’t you looked in the mirror”. I say, “I don’t care what you do, just make me look like a 6 star waiter, and please excuse me if I start crying during the process”.

Yep so it looks like I’m going start being carded when going to the pub again, and if it was possible people tell me I look even skinnier! Haha, but Antarctica is getting closer, and by the way, I haven’t cried yet even after I cut myself shaving (twice!).




Here’s the before shot again, when I used to look like I had been through puberty.

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