Hmmmm.. lots of angsting later!

okay, so probably 10 days since I wrote that last blog and a lot of tears have been shed. A lot of angsting gone on. And a lot of personal growth. Why can't that happen when you are having a good time instead of personal growth coming when you are having a shit time. Oh well, such is life.

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Stars Aligning

So, pre launch date I thought the stars were all aligning! We had 347 previous backers from last time who pledged their intention to the value of $24,000. We had been sending out mailchimp newsletters and I was getting great feedback direct to my email, the facebook page was engaged, the twitter numbers were growing, we and had a fabulous campaign, and we were set! Or so I thought!

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facebook versus previous backers:

Might I say that Facebook has been a real pain in the butt!. Trap for young players, don't have a lot of words on your project profile. We had the title, a subtitle and then a documentary feature film. But Facebook in its infinite wisdom deems this has having too many words to be considered an advert. And since Facebook's algorithim means you have to advertise it creates a major Catch 22. Okay, so lets spend copious amounts of time redesigning our project profile to work around this.

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Emotional rollercoaster

Or I really should call this Great Expectations! Considering we are relaunching and we have an existing fan base, I have to admit to having expectations of being fully funded quite quickly and then this would spring board us onto stretch goals which would approximate the full amount of the funding we asked for last time. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway, I had expectations and maybe I should call it assumptions, and we all know what happens to assumptions. Yup. Human Beings, is what happens. After a fabulous initial flurry it has slowed down to a dwindle.

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The Mental Game:

So, yep this is a mental game. We were supposed to launch on Tuesday and if on Monday I had had two hours out at non Kickstarter or day job meetings I would have been very stressed. So we are launching tomorrow and today I was unavailable for 2 hours on non work activities. Don't feel the same stress at all. Laptop is in its death throes. Have to rewrite all the opening paragraphs on my emails as the references don't make sense now that we are launching after Guy Fawkes day instead of before. And a week ago I would have been a wreck. 

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