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The story of two people, from different countries, determined to overcome distance, government bureaucracy and family obstacles, to be together.


It was the dream of a young kiwi lad to work in every continent that catapulted a lifetime of adventure, danger and love. Hap Cameron, a published author originally from Nelson, spent close to a decade fulfilling his ambition to work and travel his way around the world. He cycled through Africa, sailed to Antarctica, taught scuba diving in Asia and worked in an orphanage in Guatemala. But Hap discovered the greatest adventure of all was to meet the woman of his dreams and overcome extraordinary obstacles to be together. Mandy Todd was an American high school teacher on holiday in Mexico when she met Hap. They spent only six days together before they knew this was more than a holiday romance. What took place over the next seven years tested their love further than most couples could sustain.

After Mexico Hap went to Guatemala and Mandy returned to America. They reunited in Denver, Colorado after 4 months for a 2 day visit that turned into 3 months. Hap had to leave the States as his tourist visa had run out so they decided to go backpacking around Colombia. He was stopped at the border on their return to the States and denied entry. The immigration officials discovered he had been working on tourist visa so they deported him to NZ and he was given a 10 year ban from entering into US territory.

On his return to NZ he promptly fell out a rope swing and ended up in hospital with fractures in his spine. He did recover fully, and Hap and Mandy reunited in Bali after a 10 month separation. Mandy travelled with Hap for the next 4 years on his Working The World goal that saw them going to Thailand, South America, Antarctica (well Hap went and Mandy waited for him in Paraguay), Australia and Africa. Unfortunately Africa saw Hap's struggle with depression take over and he broke up with Mandy. She returned to the States to get back on with her life and Hap returned to NZ. They both missed each other and reached out via Skype. It was one year after they broke up that Mandy flew to NZ to see Hap for the first time, and to marry him. They apply for a Green Card for Hap to come and live in the States with Mandy. They discover that all those years ago the immigrating officer who deported him also illegally put a criminal conviction onto Hap's record and that he is now permanently banned from ever entering into America again. They now have to fight the US immigration bureaucracy. This is a film about how your choices in life define you.

Director: Susan Parker
Susan has worked in the film industry since the mid 1980's. This is her directorial debut. She has worked on a wide variety of NZ and International Movies, such as In My Fathers Den, Under the Mountain, Vertical Limit and The Last Samurai. Her career has been spent working her way up the production department to become a Producer, and now she turns her hand to directing. This is a film of passion for Susan - "Hap and Mandy's story made me believe in love all over again. It is a story that I want to share with the world"

Kickstarter campaign is successful!!!

On 8th December 2014, the Kickstarter campaign ended, and we raised over $26,000. It has been a fantastic journey. And now it is the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter. I would like to thank all of the wonderful Kickstarter backers who have made this all possible:

Abby & Jay Haverkamp, Adam Ramirez, Adele Jefferies, Adrian Hebron, Adrian Low, Alan Wilson & Janina Panizza, Alena Murray, Alex Howe, Alexander Shortle, Alice Lake-Hammond, Alicia Williams, Alison & Paul Harrison, Allison Becha, Alyssa Weber, Amanda & Hap Cameron, Amelia Vercoe, Amy Dalton, Andrew Howe, Andy Gild, Angie Bohnert, Angus MacLean, Anna Daisy, Annabel Carr, Annalise Patterson, Anne Blewden, Annie Goldson, Anton Steel, Ash Robinson, Ashley Frank, Ashley Gill,
Barbara Darragh, Barbara Vits, BC, Belinda Pflaum, Ben Ruffell, Ben & Mia Hirschfeld, Blair Roberts, Bobbie Drew, Brandon Brisbon, Brendan & Krista Evans, Brenden Holster, Brett Blain, Bri Whitcraft, Brian from Rinovelo, Bruce Everard, Bryan & Annie Riley,
Camillo Spath, Campbell Griffin, Carin Nicola, Carissa Jamieson, Carla Nelmes, Carlos Ruffinelli, Carolyn Beaver, Casey Eden, Cath Timlin, Catherine & Neil Askew, Cathy Angell, Cathy Pope, Charlotte Gardner, Charlotte Parr, Cheryl Weiman, Cheryl McDuff, Chris Clark, Chris Thomson, Chris & Ben from Syrp, Christian Mauerer, Christine Switzer, Christine Richards, Claire Campbell, Claire Sisterson, Claire Nichols, Claude Dasan, Codie Thomas, Cookie, Corrie & Dick Jansen, Craig Muirhead, Craig Sinclair, Craig Sisterson, Crystal Edge,
Damon Kinley, Dan Moore, Dan Romero, Dan Puke, Dana Ledbetter, Daniel Pickup, Daniel T. Richards, Dan Turner, Dave Parker, Dave Harrison, Dave "Spoon" McLeod, David Darby, David Madigan & Barbara Henderson, David Ponx, Deb Hyvonen, Debbie Howe, Dee Barron, Dennis Thompson, Dianne Moffatt, Dirk Jansen,
Elaine Roberts, Elisha, Ellen Davies, Emma Whetnall, Emma Traynor, Emma Collie, Eryn Wilson,
Fi Cutler, Fiona Wadman, Fiona Michel,
Geoff & Lynn Cameron, Gabriel Duncan, Gary Strangman, Gillian Higgins, Ginny Loane, Gordon Smith, Graeme Smith, Gretchen Williams
Hamish Wohlers, Hayley Watters, Hazel Boot, Hugh Calveley
Ian & Jan Howe,
Jacob Boyd, James Rua, James Deimel, Jamie Fraser, Janine Harris, Jarnia Joy, Jason McKinney, Jeff Rands, Jeff Benton, Jeffrey Winick, Jen Robinson, Jen Butcher, Jeremy Thorns,  Jess Fisk, Jesse Warn & Jack St Rose, Jessica Kurtzman, Jill Cormack, Jill Gordon, Jo Herring, Joe Boyd, Joe & Catch Casting, John Cameron, Jonathan Clearwater, Jonny Moffatt, Jono Clarke, Josh Bridgman,
Karen Bellingham, Karl Sheridan, Karl Saunders, Kat Jenkins, Kate Nash, Kate Murray, Kate Sloan, Kathryn Rawlings, Kay Goss, Kay Williams, Kelli Karg, Kelly Snodgrass, Kenneth Voiland, Keri Bergeron, Kevin Biggar, Kiira, Kori Layne Moore, Kyeesha Stack, Kylie Pridham & Carolyn James, 
Laihe Merewater, Laura Cibilich & Ray McKay, Laura Carpinski, Laurel McLay, Lauren Owens, Leah Cameron, Leanore Carter, Leela Menon, Lesley Stewart, Liana Williams, Lisa Kissin, Lisa Sherring, Lori Rubin, Lorne Henkel, Louise Clark, Louise Jones, Lucille Henry, Lucy Stewart, Lucy Button, Lynn Wilton,
Mac Tilt, Mareena Facoory & Andre King, Marg Slater, Maria Bertoncini, Marilyn Davies, Mark Gabites, Martin Gorzeman, Martyn Svendsen, Matt Ayson, Matthew Neumann, Matt Palmer, Meghann Bowman, Melanie McCuish, Michael Evans, Michael Stankevich, Michi Neuefeind, Mike Killian, Minori James, Miranda Marsh & Martin Grant, Miriam O'Connor,
Naomi Arnold, Nathan Lowe, Nathan Gargiulo, Neil Cervin, Neil Parkinson, Nerina Ward, Ngaire Stephenson, Nichole Jacobi Mellor, Nicole Diven,
Odette Hoffmann, Oli Harris, Olivia Whitt,
Paddy Compter, Pamela Kotrys Singleton, Paul Matthews & Lindsay Trivers, Pauline Todd, Perry & Belinda Bradley, Peta Sinclair, Peter Kraan, Phuong Tang,
Rachel Blewden, Rachel Durban, Rebekah Kelly, Renaud Maire, Reuben King, Richard Flynn, Rick Kofoed, Rob Macnab, Robin Murphy, Rose Timlin, Ruth Markham-Short, Ryan Mansfield, Ryan Brown,
Samantha Barker, Samantha Lyttle, Sandy Todd, Sarah Ellis-Goldsmith, Sarah Parr & Paul Wiegard, Sarah Henderson, Saskia Rysenbry, Sean Chiles, Sera Price, Shanan Gronewoller, Shannon Berner, Sharron Jackson, Shelley Leach, Si Earle, Sichia Bell, Simon Marler, Skye Clark, Stacey Pine, Stef Smyth, Stephen Allanson, Steve & Susan Jewell-Larsen, Steve Rowland, Steve LaHood, Steve Barr, Steve Rice, Stina Laurence, Sue Bliss, Suz McGuire,
Tanja Parr, Tanja Winkler, Tanja Ritson, Tanya Fraser, Thad & Becks Lawrence, Thomas Harrison, Tiffany Miku, Tim Judson, Tim Prentice, Toby Ricketts, Tom Heaphy, Tom Allen, Tony Blackwood, Tony Simpson, Tony Forster, Trevor & Helen Parr, Trina Page, Trish Allen, 
Verena Jonker
William Dyott, Willy Heatly
Zac Blair, Zak Butt, 

Your support is tremendous and we are all looking forward to the next stages of the journey.

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